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Anna Meredith has created a new piece for our new production

I've been a big fan of Streetwise Opera for years (even ran my first, and I suspect only, 10km for them last year!) so was very happy when Matt Peacock asked me to write a short piece to be part of their 10th Anniversary Production: The Answer to Everything.

The brief was quite specific - to write a sort of corporate en-masse exercise song and routine! Something that would be a challenge for the Streetwise Performers to get their teeth into during their rehearsals but also be possible for a spot of audience participation. 

Artistic Director Emma Bernard, Matt Peacock and I had a lot of fun coming up with various jargon-y moves and elements that would form part of the song and I decided to make a sort of '12 Days of Christmas' Model where more and more elements are added to the routine and despite having lived with it for a while now i'm still getting it wrong sometimes - its quite tricky!

I went to a few workshops over the past week to see how the London participants were getting on and its really exciting to see it start to come to life and I've been really proud of how many of the performers have said they're enjoying learning it. It's going to be great to see how it fits into the final show and my hope is to catch some members of the audience giving it a go at the bus stop afterwards!

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