Jeremy's thoughts on 'The Opera Dudes'

Streetwise Opera Workshop Leaders by day, The Opera Dudes by night! The Nottingham group went to see Tim and Neil in action on Saturday 27 September at the Theatre Royal and Jeremy sent us this review.

Amazing performance by Tim and Neil (the Chuckle Brothers Opera Dudes) - best entertainment I’ve seen at Royal theatre on Saturday night. I could not stop laughing; a comical combination duo which took to the stage and sang blooming marvellously. It’s out with the X-Factor and in with The Opera Dudes!

I cannot wait to buy their Christmas album and comedy DVD which is the next project for Timothy and Neil. Nessun Dorma was outstanding and Rule Britainnia blew the Theatre Royal Nottingham roof off. The singers in mustard flavoured jackets, brass band soldiers and orchestra dressed in rosy red did a blooming great job. I cannot wait for next performance by Opera dude Chuckle Brothers Three Tenor Tim and Nessun Dorma Neil. Rule Britannia the Opera Dudes all the way, keep the Opera Dudes working hard at Streetwise Opera and beyond in all the work they do.

Jeremy Bartys
Streetwise participant and Nottingham member

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