Martin Rivers - performing in 'The River Keeper'

Hi my name is Martin Rivers and I am part of the Explore Singing and Acting group at the Sage Gateshead in the North East. I came to Streetwise two years ago after seeing an item about The Answer to Everything (our last major production before The River Keeper) and being diagnosed with depression and anxiety which can be debilitating. On top of that I’m registered blind and use a guide dog.

While on a trip to the GP my doctor gave me a leaflet about singing. I had my voice trained as a child and have always enjoyed singing. So off I go to the Sage feeling gloomy and down but I was made to feel so welcome I stayed and they can’t get rid of me now!

The River Keeper started way back in July time. With the creative team of writers and composers we made a timeline of our lives where we put good and bad times, and the rest of the day was taken up with telling our stories. The team went away and in September we started working on the opera... with lots of script and music tweaking and adjustments we ended up with the opera we have today. As performers we have been involved every step of the way so this opera is our opera and I’m so proud that I have helped to write it.

At the last minute during rehearsals I was asked to step up to the plate to do a solo part as the person asked to do it fell ill. I had 48 hours’ notice and 3 days to be perfect; I did it and I’m so proud of myself. That was on the 8th December and our first performance was on the 10th December 2014.

While at home one day I thought about concerts and people like Elton John and how they have items for sale at like DVDs etc. so I went away and using The River Keeper poster and publicity designed a key ring. I sent the idea to Streetwise and they ran with it; I can’t believe that my design and idea was used I’m so thrilled and honoured.

Thank you Streetwise for an unforgettable experience that I will never, never forget.

If you came to see The River Keeper the cast and myself hope you enjoyed the shows, and if not we hope to see you at future shows.

Martin Rivers

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