To the Silkwood Tree synopsis

The summer is drawing to a close, called away by the voice of Hope.

A lone Traveller is walking and feels the first chill in the air. 

As he walks, he stumbles across a village, where the inhabitants are readying themselves for the winter ahead. The Villagers are intrigued by their guest, but he isn’t interested in their hospitality. He is saddened by the cold weather and is keen to move on. He hears a voice in the distance – a song which promises warmer weather and a better life. He asks the Villagers if they have heard it too, but they reply that it was just a rustling in the trees. He is convinced that if he follows the voice, he will find a better place to live.

The Traveller arrives at a crossroads, and there he meets a woman who is trying to find her way home. He asks her what her home is like, and she tells of a place exactly like the one that the mysterious voice described to him. They are travelling to the same place! They decide to go together, following the voice in the distance.

The Traveller and his Companion walk together, traveling through the bitter winter weather. Finally, the Traveller can go no more and sits down to rest. As he does, his companion begins to recognise the world around her – she has arrived home! She is welcomed with open arms by her friends and family. The Traveller looks on, but is horrified. They have not found somewhere new, but have come in a circle and arrived back at the same village he left. He is furious – this is nothing like the promised land of warm air and soft grass he was seeking. But just as he is ready to pack his bags and move on again, Hope appears and brings Spring with her. The village begins to blossom and bloom.

What he was searching for was under his feet all along. 


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