Work placements in the North East

In the North East, Streetwise Opera works in partnership with both the Sage Gateshead and Tyne and Wear Archive Museums to provide work placements. Through the commitment and quality of the organisations' staff, our performers are offered high-quality, bespoke opportunities to develop skills in the arts and cultural sector. Here are some of our performers' thoughts about their placements:

"I have just started my placement at Sage Gateshead and truly love it. I am helping in the Sage office doing administration tasks. All those tasks other people don't enjoy doing I seem to love and do with a smile. I have just started archiving a USA gospel singer - Ray Chester - who donated all his music to the Sage. I was interested in who he was and I have 'YouTubed' him! It's astounding the amount of music he has donated and all the effort that goes into digitally archiving this. It's something I will be able to look back on with pride and say, 'I did that!'. I am enjoying being back in a work environment again and doing something different and independent for myself. I am a carer for my partner and so this is wonderful to be able do something for myself. Also, I love having something to do - going to work and meeting and talking with different people. My partner said the other day that ‘there is a sparkle in her since she started her placement and it's so lovely to see.  She is so full of joy being in an office, working again and doing something for herself’."
Performer on a placement at the Sage Gateshead

"I can see how important music is and the importance of having music appreciation at a young age. I now appreciate how some one as young as 10 weeks can feel the beat of the music and can have fun. It's really interesting to see how the staff engage children with the music. We use animal toys, drums and other instruments. It's wonderful to see how the children are able to learn how to time-keep with the music."
Performer on placement with the early years programme at the Sage Gateshead

"There are nine other people doing the object-handling with me, mainly students. They are all lovely. I prefer working in a group as I meet people and I don't want to do things on my own so much. We will be looking at objects and I have to think of a box of objects to put together. I have thought of two ideas which I am excited about. I am going to look at famous films from the region and The Town Moor North East Fair. I am really interested and enjoying it. I don't feel as clever as the other people, and with my brain injury it is hard to remember things, but I am wanting to do this."
Performer on a placement with Tyne and Wear Archive Museums 

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