Performing at Meadow Lane

Nottingham performer Kevin Delaney describes performing at the Nottingham CEO sleepout event in October:

We all met at Midland Station, myself and the team. We caught taxis to Beechdale and then went onto the Meadow Lane football ground. Security let us in and made us feel welcome. Then we made our way to the boardroom, and the team and myself started practicing. At this point the footballers came into the boardroom, and made us welcome by shaking our hands and telling us they were looking forward to watching us singing. We then went to another room to get ready, and we could hear people coming in and taking their seats.

We went to perform; microphones were positioned all over so the crowd could hear us. We started singing opera. The crowd participated with some songs, and then we did our songs again. When the show finished, we received a round of applause. The club provided food for the team and the audience.

Everybody listened to speeches. These were around homelessness as there was also an overnight sleepout. We then left to get changed. Taxis were provided again to take us home. Me and the group really enjoyed the night and I am looking forward to the next performance.