Performing in an Opera Hour

Photo: Alexandra Johnson

Nottingham Explore Group member Jeremy Bartys describes performing in Streetwise Opera’s Nottingham Opera Hour on 2 March at the Nottingham Playhouse:

Billy Budd and Das Rheingold, through The Door into The Barber of Nottingham, beating out rhythms from drums and tambourines and a ‘ka ka ka’ song to take us home.

In our new commission by Composer in Residence Alex Patterson, we were trying to get through an imaginary invisible door facing our future and our past, singing to our hearts and setting us free. We all managed to get through the door before it disappeared into thin air.

Our Opera Hour was more than all right on the night. Jeremy and his Streetwise team thought it was blooming marvellous! Many thanks to the singers from Emmanuel House for helping us to rock out the Playhouse with their own song all about life at Emmanuel House.

After several months of sweating like piglets and heaving away in rehearsals at the Theatre Royal, Streetwise Opera Nottingham pulled off another amazing, outstanding performance of a variety of different songs, wowing and impressing a huge audience.

Many thanks to our solo performers and speakers, who all did an amazing job speaking in front of the audience bravely and confidently. Many thanks to Melanie and Jen for taking us on this wonderful Opera Hour journey. And what a relief we had workshop leaders Tim and Neil by our sides guiding us in the right direction throughout.

It was very hard work but we achieved a remarkable, fabulous performance! 

Photo: Alexandra Johnson Photography