Carpathia Exhibition

Our Newcastle/Gateshead performer Martin Rivers describes doing creating an exhibition about the Carpathia ship while on a Streetwise Opera work placement:

Hi, I’m Martin from the Newcastle/Gateshead Explore Group. I've been around for five years now. Fiona, our Regional Co-ordinator, got me a work placement working with Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums working at the Discovery Museum here in Newcastle.

We had a meeting with the manager, and they said they had a meeting room called the Carpathia room and they needed something to explain why the room is called that name. I said I loved history and everything about Titanic. Carpathia was the ship that went to the rescue as Titanic was sinking. The Carpathia was built at Wallsend so the North East played a very important link in the rescue.

Firstly, we spent many months gathering research off the internet and local records. We have newspaper clippings from the time and pictures of how the Carpaitha looked and what the actual rescue was like from passengers on board and reporters.

After choosing from these items, we decided to have a box with things from the day e.g. rivets to show how the ship was built, a flat cap to show what the men and boys might have worn, and general things from the time. As I’m visually impaired, we are also hoping to have an audio guide as well as leaflets. The exhibition will be permenant and will be on the TWAM website too. The exhibition opening is going to be part of a local arts festival called The Late Shows and Streetwise Opera will be performing at the event.

This is my baby and I’m immensely proud that this exhibition has been created and is going to be here forever. The opening is on 20 May - we'd love to see you all there!

For more information about the exhibition opening, see our 'what's on' page.