Preparing for the Great North Run

Victoria Taylor describes her preparations for running a half marathon to raise money for Streetwise:

I'm running the Great North Run this September in aid of Streetwise Opera, a fantastic charity I had the pleasure of working with in Leeds for many years. Streetwise is a national charity and they have two North-East based groups.

I began running 2.5 years ago when I moved to London and couldn't afford gym membership. I started with the NHS Couch 2.5k and after 10 weeks could run a slow 5k, but I was making progress. I then joined my local park run, running the hilly Crystal Palace park route. A year ago I ran my first 10k and officially caught the running bug. I began taking my running gear with me when I was visiting friends and family and took part in other park runs across the country. So far I've run the Edinburgh, Bristol, Dulwich and South Shields park runs. The last in this list is where I grew up and is a beautiful route along the coast, it's also the last few kilometres of the Great North Run route!

I've now increased my distance as well as resistance training and am even taking a few boxing lessons. I can now run from work in King's Cross all the way home to Crystal Palace (around 16k). I'm now ready for my first half marathon and can't wait to run from Newcastle to South Shields where I grew up!

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