Our impact

Our work improves wellbeing and increases social inclusion for some of the country's most vulnerable and socially excluded people.

'You come here and you leave your troubles at the door. Once you walk out the door, your mindset's different'

Involvement with Streetwise Opera can be the first rung on a ladder of self-confidence for people who are or have been homeless and/or are vulnerable and isolated. Through working in a safe and supportive group and participating in opera, an art form that many perceive as elitist, people's beliefs about their capabilities are fundamentally challenged and changed. By developing new skills, meeting people, being creative and simply having fun, people feel better about themselves and are more able to take on life's other challenges - such as engaging with services, living independently, getting involved with community life and securing employment.

We measure the impact of our work using a range of monitoring tools including surveys and focus groups, and collecting information from participants, partner centres and staff.

Download below our evaluation 'tree' infographic, impact report and annual report which summarise the impact of our work. Our evaluation methodology and 'theory of change' can also be downloaded below, or in Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese from the With One Voice website.

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