Planet Earth II
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The Linden Tree
Streetwise Opera, Roderick Williams (baritone), Christopher Glynn (piano), Brodsky Quartet and Genesis Sixteen come together for a digital performance of Franz Schubert’s song.
Savage Kingdom
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In This Place
A digital project that explored how singing and movement come together on stage to create more powerful and expressive opera.
Savage Kingdom
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A project that challenged us to look deeper around us in order to find all the great art we might be missing.

“At the time that I have nothing, I still have my artistry. I still have my creativity. I still have my talent. And if that’s going to get me from homelessness to where I need to be, then I’m going to hone that, and Streetwise Opera is the perfect place for that.”

— Streetwise Opera performer

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Streetwise Opera is an award-winning performing arts charity that uses singing and creativity to inspire and empower people recovering from homelessness.

Our projects and online sessions are a great opportunity to feel energised, whilst having fun and making new friends. Find out more.

“There’s something lovely about knowing we’re all singing the same lines, at the same time; even though I’m having no contact with anyone at the moment, it makes me feel less alone. Also , it helps me to realise that you are all still there and still planning for projects we’ll do when this is over. When so many arts venues and projects are being shelved, it is a relief to know that you are still here. Streetwise is a really important part of my life.”
— Streetwise Opera performer

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Streetwise Opera appoints Rachael Williams as CEO
16 September 2021
Vacancy: Artistic Director
15 September 2021
Vacancy: Head of Finance & Operations
18 August 2021

“It’s given me a big lease of life, because when I started, I was in a real bad way, I shut myself away for about ten years, with depression. From that, to now, what Streetwise Opera has done for me… I’d be here all day explaining it, it’s really brought me out of my shell, given me a life, given me something to thrive for.”
— Streetwise Opera performer