Streetwise Opera

We enable people who’ve experienced homelessness to find inspiration and empowerment while they rebuild their lives and identities.

“We are flying high and on top of the world! I look at my fellow performers. Our eyes are sparkling and our faces aglow with so much joy and pride! We are all-powerful and we can do anything!”

— Streetwise Opera performer


The Re:Discover festival is Streetwise Opera’s flagship project in 2024. Over the next year, we will co-create a triple bill of new operas inspired by the music of composers of African and Caribbean heritage.

“I would’ve never gone across that door. I wouldn’t lift my head off the ground, I was that terrified. Now I’m able to lift my head up and think I’m proud of who I am.”

— Streetwise Opera performer

What's on

Voices Reclaimed: A Prelude to Re:Discover in Manchester
25 March 2024   —  
Voices Reclaimed: A Prelude to Re:Discover in Nottingham
26 March 2024   —  
Voices Reclaimed: A Prelude to Re:Discover in London
27 March 2024   —  

“Opera really is for anyone and everyone. I spent my life thinking that I could never be part of that world. Until I came here.”

— Streetwise Opera performer

News & blogs

Trusts & Foundations Manager (Job Share)
26 February 2024
Streetwise Opera has been shortlisted for the RPS Awards
30 January 2024
IMG_0643_ 3000x2000
Streetwise Opera awarded a £208,445 grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund
9 January 2024

“There’s something lovely about knowing we’re all singing the same lines, at the same time; even though I’m having no contact with anyone at the moment, it makes me feel less alone. Also , it helps me to realise that you are all still there and still planning for projects we’ll do when this is over. When so many arts venues and projects are being shelved, it is a relief to know that you are still here. Streetwise is a really important part of my life.”
— Streetwise Opera performer

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‘I’m finding my voice’: the opera sung by once homeless people

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'How opera changed my life after homelessness'

“It’s given me a big lease of life, because when I started, I was in a real bad way, I shut myself away for about ten years, with depression. From that, to now, what Streetwise Opera has done for me… I’d be here all day explaining it, it’s really brought me out of my shell, given me a life, given me something to thrive for.”
— Streetwise Opera performer