Illustrations: Ben James

“At Streetwise Opera, everyone is a star”

Teesside University Comics and Graphic Novels students attended the After Winter preview at Middlesbrough Town Hall on Friday 6 March. Below are some comments from students who attended, thanking Streetwise Opera and Middlesbrough Town Hall for this experience.

The sense of community was amazing and felt extremely welcoming! Especially all of the involvement and welcome song at the beginning. All the performers at Streetwise Opera are unique and individual in their own way, all of the cultures working together really felt warming and us the audience were included.

Streetwise Opera are amazing clients to work with for our comic and made us feel like part of a team.

When the Streetwise Opera team were talking about the planning of their performance we felt involved since we are also artists working along side them.

At Streetwise Opera music and performance connects people together, one of the attendees even got shivers due to the amazing vibe of the night.

Us artists creating the After Winter comic attended the performance. It helped us understand the community and message we need to get across in the final comic.

Julian Lawrence, Course Leader for the BA (Hons) Comics and Graphic Novels Programme at Teesside University, said:

The students have been working hard on the next stage of putting the After Winter graphic novel together. The first step was selecting a final character design (which Streetwise Opera revealed last week). Next, we started work on the thumbnails and rough sketches of the story, props, backgrounds, etc. Now we are the breakdown/layout stage. Breakdowns/layouts are the iteration before doing the actual pencil drawings for the comics. In the breakdown stage, we sort out in more detail the camera angles, compositions, perspective and speech balloon/caption placement within the panels. Here are some examples of rough breakdowns by student Ben James, who is illustrating the Schubert song “The Weathervane“.

Thanks to Kirsty Stebbings and Naomi Asipa for recording students’ reactions to the performance at the Town Hall.

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