Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy

Everyone is welcome at Streetwise Opera. Our organisation champions diversity and gives an equal platform to underrepresented groups. We believe that, when we bring together different voices from diverse backgrounds, we create a unique and rich experience. This is more powerful artistically and socially, and more empowering individually and collectively.

A research review1 by Arts Council England has highlighted that certain groups, especially Black and minority ethnic, people with disabilities, and those facing greater socio-economic barriers, are all underrepresented in the arts: as decision makers, workforce, creators and audiences.

Homelessness statistics published by the British government2 and reports by the homelessness sector confirm that ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and young LGBTQ, are more likely to be homeless, proportionally benefit less from housing policies, and find more barriers to access support services.3 4 5

At Streetwise Opera we will ensure our work is as inclusive, respectful and diverse as possible. We are committed to making our Board, staff, and the artists that we work with, reflect the diversity of the communities we engage with. We also aim to make our work accessible to as many different people affected by homelessness as possible, removing any barriers to inclusion and participation.

Diversity was one of five strategic priorities in our Strategic Plan 2017 – 2021, and diversity and inclusion will continue to be one of five overarching priorities in the new three-year strategy (2022-25) ‘Creating Together’.

As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to ensuring within the framework of the law that our workplaces are free from unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender (including gender reassignment), sexuality, religion or beliefs, marital status, disability, age, pregnancy or trade union membership, or the fact that they are a part-time worker or a fixed-term employee.

We aim to ensure that our employees achieve their full potential and that all employment decisions are taken without reference to irrelevant or discriminatory criteria.

The principle of non-discrimination and equality of opportunity applies equally to the treatment of visitors, workshop participants and volunteers, by members of our workforce and also, in some circumstances, ex-employees.

This policy is for guidance only and shall be provided to all workers, but does not form part of any employee’s contract of employment.