Streetwise Opera Manchester WOV Summit

How music is helping our performers change their lives

At Streetwise Opera we use music to help people who are or have been homeless make positive changes in their lives. Our Impact Report 2017-2018 details the difference that our work is making in the lives of our performers.

The report suggests that through our programme of singing workshops and performances, and other cultural and progression activities, we are helping our performers increase their wellbeing and social inclusion.

During the last year, our performers reported increased wellbeing:

  • 92% felt that their mental health had improved
  • 88% had improved or maintained their self- confidence
  • 90% were proud of what they had achieved
  • 91% had improved or maintained their creative skills

Additionally, they reported increased social inclusion:

  • 95% had improved or maintained their social skills
  • 87% had made new friends at Streetwise Opera
  • 93% had improved or maintained their sense of belonging
  • 89% had improved or maintained their relationships with others

The report presents an overview of the workshops and other activities we delivered in the last fiscal year and provides socio-demographic profiles of the people who took part in them, and then looks at the short-term outcomes and the longer-term impact of our work.

The information in the report has been gathered through a range of methods which collect both quantitative and qualitative data, including monitoring forms, focus groups, and feedback from workshop leaders, support workers and partner homeless centres.

Download a copy of the report and our evaluation infographic.

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