Help us inspire and empower people affected by homelessness

“I was feeling isolated and alone, and then they told me about this. I came along, and for the last 15 months I’ve never looked back. It’s absolutely one of the best things that could ever happen to anybody.”
— Streetwise Opera performer

People who are homeless need a roof and a bed, as well as other frontline services. But homelessness is such a traumatising experience that, in order to recover completely, they also need to rebuild their self-esteem and reconnect with their community. For the past 20 years, Streetwise Opera has demonstrated that singing can play a huge role in this.

We deliver singing and creative workshops in homeless centres and arts venues in London, Manchester and Nottingham. And participants report improved wellbeing and a strong feeling of social inclusion.

With your support, we can help people who’ve been homeless feel seen and heard. Together, we can help them remember that they have a legitimate place in society. Your donation will help us improve wellbeing and increase social inclusion for some of the country’s most vulnerable and marginalised people.

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