Video guide: How to film The Linden Tree

This is a video-based guide for how to create and share your photos and videos for The Linden Tree. You can also check out our text-based guide here.


Meet Freya and find out more about her ideas.

The idea

Find out more about what The Linden Tree is about and the story are we going to tell.


What should we wear.

Tasks Overview

Before we get started on the individual tasks, find out what they will involve.

Task one : Video Portraits

How to make our video portraits in a few easy steps.

Task two: Leaf Messages

Our second task involves writing messages of support to our wandering protagonist. Find out more.

Extra Tasks and Tree Portraits

If you’ve found those tasks easy and enjoyed them, we’d love your help with these extra tasks. Tree Portraits up first.

Look Up and see the sky

Extra Task Number 2 involves a simple photo looking up.

Tree Carvings

Find out more about this task of chance.

Blow A Leaf Out The Window

A slightly more skilled video for those of you feeling adventurous.

Final Thoughts

Freya runs through her final checklist tips.

How to share your videos and photos with us

Once you’ve got all the photos and videos you want to submit, you can do so using the WeTransfer website. Here’s a short tutorial about how to do this:

Thank you!

We are so looking forward to your contributions.

If you wish to discuss these tasks, join us for our Digital Tea Break on Zoom with Freya Wynn-Jones on Tuesday 7 July at 12:00 noon. We will publish the details in the We are Streetwise Opera group on Facebook.

If you are struggling with any of the tasks, or just want a bit of help, remember to get in touch with your regional support worker.

You can find a text-based version of this guide here.