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Macquarie Group and Streetwise Opera nominated for a Corporate Engagement Award

We are proud to announce that we’ve been nominated with Macquarie Group for a Corporate Engagement Award in the Best Collaborative Approach category, in recognition of our longstanding partnership and innovative joint project. This award recognises the most successful and innovative corporate partnerships and sponsorships.

Over the past 13 years our partnership with Macquarie has sought to not only develop the skills and confidence of Streetwise Opera participants and Macquarie staff, but also help change public perceptions of people affected by homelessness.

In 2019, for the fifth consecutive year, we designed and delivered a project that allowed seven Streetwise Opera performers to build upon their interpersonal skills, project management and IT skills, while supporting the development of leadership skills for seven of Macquarie’s Associate Directors.

The project was part of Macquarie’s Associate Director Leadership Programme, which develops future leaders’ skills including empathy, collaboration and influencing. It also formed an important part of Streetwise Opera’s programme of activities in London, which improves the wellbeing and social inclusion of people affected by homelessness.

Through this project, participants learnt from, challenged and inspired each other. Sometimes, the Macquarie employees were the experts; other times, Streetwise Opera’s participants showed them the way. The outcome was a great success.

“For me it was about unlocking collaboration. You are put in situations where you are having to prepare performances in a short period of time with people you would not normally be working with. If you don’t collaborate, it won’t get done!” — Macquarie Associate Director

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