Photo: Rey Trombetta

How you can make a difference through Re:sound

We’ve been asked this question often. What tangible impact does singing have on the lives of people recovering from homelessness?

We asked some of the participants in our weekly workshops at Southbank Centre, and over the next two weeks we will be sharing their answers.

Some came to Streetwise through The Passage, a homeless support centre in the heart of London. Others were clients at The Connection At St Martin’s. And others travelled different paths.

But what they all have in common is the experience and the courage to say this very clearly: participation in the arts is not an add-on, an extra or a bonus, it’s not something to give to “the homeless” so they can pass the time. It plays a key role in recovery from homelessness.

Becoming homeless is a soul-crushing experience. You don’t just lose a home and your possessions. You lose the belief that you deserve a better life, that you have any worth.

That’s where the arts come in. Rediscovering that you have the power to make something beautiful and share it with the world is a healing experience. You rebuild your confidence; and you convince yourself that you deserve better, you can try harder, and you do not need to be defined by your experience of homelessness.

This is what we’ve been told by Streetwise Opera participants over the last 20 years. And this is the story that will be shared by Streetwise participants over the next two weeks as we raise funds for the Re:sound festival in London.

Through the campaign A roof and a bed are not enough, we are aiming to raise £10,000 between Wednesday 15 June and Wednesday 29 June. If you are able to donate via our page on The Big Give, you’ll be happy to know that your donation will be match-funded by some very generous pledgers. So every pound you give will have double the impact!

Your generosity will allow more people with lived experience of homelessness to find inspiration and empowerment through the arts. Thank you.

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