Announcing an online gallery for all

We are very proud to announce A Gallery For All, an online space that brings together artistic work created by participants in Streetwise Opera’s singing and creative workshops and is open to anyone affected by homelessness. 

The website, now online at, was created because we believe that all people have “a deep need and fundamental ability to create and be creative”. In the words of German artist Joseph Beuys: “Everyone is an artist.” And this is especially important for anyone who has faced homelessness and may be struggling to rebuild their confidence and to remember that they have something beautiful to give to the world.

On launch, this gallery includes poems, paintings, drawings, photos and videos, but it is open to any art form that can be shared digitally. There isn’t a common theme – more than the idea that we can all be creative individuals and that through that creativity we can transcend individuality and engage with those around us.

Like most websites, this is (and always will be) a work in progress, so it will be regularly changed-up, updated and improved. If you are a Streetwise Opera performer or someone with experience of homelessness, and wish to submit your artistic work, please email us at with the subject line Online Gallery.

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Rey Trombetta

Rey Trombetta

Head of Marketing and Communications, Streetwise Opera