The Deer Rising

Streetwise Opera performers from five regions in England come together online to celebrate their collective courage and determination during lockdown, with a digital performance of one of the most powerful and inspiring songs in The Deer: A Story in 8 Chapters.

The Deer Rising is the fifth chapter of this digital mini-opera co-created by the group in September and October 2020 under the direction of Emma Bernard. The chapter was composed by Pete Letanka and Streetwise Opera performers.

The song narrates how the deer comes back to life after a near fatal accident. “We want to draw on the spirit of the deer rising up and regaining strength, anchoring the project on this spirit to gather as many voices as we can from across the regions, to ‘rise up’ and help the deer back onto her feet,” said Marigold Hughes, Head of Programme at Streetwise Opera.

Streetwise Opera performers from London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Teesside will be learning the song in their regional groups via Zoom – and there will be points at either end of the project wherein they will work as a national company. Towards the end of March, participants will record their vocal parts.

Streetwise Opera participants will also work in the A Gallery For All sessions, and via postal tasks, with illustration and animation students from Teesside University, to create an graphic novel with the whole story of The Deer and an animated video performance of chapter 5.

Group 1: Newcastle and Teesside

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Group 2: London and Manchester

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Group 3: Nottingham

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