Photo: Rey Trombetta

Focus groups registration form

Streetwise Opera is conducting focus groups to better understand the impact of two of our recent projects: The Deer and Unseen. Please use the form below if you wish to register for these sessions, which will be held via Zoom during the afternoon of Friday 12 February (3pm and 4pm).

The focus groups will be run by Jean-Marie Fagon, who is supporting Streetwise Opera with its monitoring and evaluation. Streetwise Opera staff will also be present at the sessions to help ensure they run smoothly. 

Please note that anything said in the groups is confidential and will only be used to help Streetwise Opera to report to our funders and learn how we can improve the activities we provide. The sessions will be audio-recorded so that we don’t miss anything that is said.

Privacy notice. Streetwise Opera will only use the personal information in this form to process and activate your registration for this online event. We will store this information securely and will not share it with any unauthorised third parties. Find out more about how we manage your personal data.