Streetwise performer ambassador scheme

Progression Manager Lucinda Meredith describes our re-launched performer ambassador scheme:

Streetwise performers are our biggest asset.

We’re now rolling out an ambassador scheme across England, where Streetwise performers can take on an important role in helping out at workshops and encouraging new people to join Streetwise. Ambassadors also have the opportunity to attend conferences and debates, representing Streetwise and sharing their personal experience of the benefits of our work and the arts in general with homeless communities, decision makers, educators and other arts providers.

Performers who choose to take on the role of ambassador bring a huge depth and variety of skills to the table and are able to support new attendees and speak about our work in a way that only a performer can. They take responsibility for a range of tasks which may include:  

– Supporting workshop leaders in weekly workshops
– Supporting new performers when they come for the first time
– Encouraging people who may not be sure about joining our workshops to give them a try
– Speaking to fellow performers about the benefits of progression opportunities (such as theatre trips, volunteering and work placements)
– Being a friendly, regular face that performers can approach
– Distributing Streetwise leaflets and marketing materials
– Presenting or introducing Streetwise Opera performances
– Speaking about their experiences at conferences, events or to the media

We’ll be sharing lots more info about our ambassadors over the coming weeks and months, so watch this space and make sure to follow Streetwise Opera on Facebook and Twitter.

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