Elizabeth Johnson
Monitoring & Evaluation Lead

Elizabeth comes with experience undertaking varied social research projects within the non-profit sector (including the disability and gender-based violence sectors). Her work to date has focused on using research to understand the issues faced by marginalised groups and using data to best effect, with the view of influencing policy and organisational practice to support marginalised groups.

Elizabeth has undertaken research into disability stigma (particularly around the use and uptake of assistive technology); women’s integrated sexual health (exploring disabled women’s access to sexual and reproductive health care in an international context); and disaggregating data across multiple projects to help identify underlying trends and patterns.

As the Monitoring and Evaluation manager, Elizabeth will lead on the creation, planning and delivery of SWOs’ monitoring and evaluation activities and reporting.

To date, Elizabeth has co-authored one peer reviewed journal article which is featured in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Elizabeth is strongly passionate about ensuring the voices of people who are marginalised and underrepresented are heard. Elizabeth employs a collaborative, co-production approach, maintaining mutual respect and appreciation between all participants and project beneficiaries.

Her personal hobbies also include music performance and composition.

Elizabeth's pronouns are She/Her.

Working days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays