How to record Thank You Now

Thank you for taking part in our Christmas video project. In this page we will explain how to record your voice part for Thank You Now (to the tune of “Jingle Bells”).

Here are  some things you need to know:

  • After following the steps below you will have recorded an audio file of yourself singing.
  • You need to listen to a backing track while you record, but it is very important that the recording you submit does not include any audio from the backing track. Make sure to wear headphones so we can only hear your voice.
  • The deadline to submit your recording is 8:00 pm on Sunday 22 November.
  • And here are instructions on how to record your video.

Step 1 – Familiarise yourself with the lyrics

You do not have to learn them by heart because the backing track video displays the lyrics. But it is worth reading them out loud at least once so the singing comes more naturally when you are recording.

Riding our way through
In the virtual world of Zoom,
Postal projects too
And singing in our rooms.

So Streetwise carries on
In this strange new world we’re in.
We’ll stay strong in our song
Now listen as we sing:

Oh, thank you now, thank you now
Thank you very much!
For all your generosity,
We must say that we’re touched.

Oh, thank you now, thank you now
Thank you very much!
Arigato in Japanese
Or Dankje if we’re Dutch.

We’ve taken to the stage,
In the digital sense at least.
Singing from our lockdown cage
Has made us rather pleased.

Though the world is looking tough,
We’ve tried to keep on going.
Though sometimes we’ve felt rough
We’ve managed to keep growing.

So, thank you now, thank you now
Thank you very much!
For all your generosity,
We must say that we’re touched.

Oh, thank you now, thank you now
Thank you very much!
Asante in Swahili
Or Dankje if we’re Dutch.

And all’s that’s left to say:
We couldn’t do it without you.
‘Tis the Streetwise Opera way,
But it’s you that gets us through.

From funding to advice,
And being an audience too.
It’s hard to be concise
‘Cos there’s so much that you do!

So, thank you now, thank you now
Thank you very much!
For all your generosity,
We must say that we’re touched.

Oh, thank you now, thank you now
Thank you very much!
Obrigado in Portuguese
Or Dankje if we’re Dutch.

Thank you very much!

Step 2 – Practice and learn the song

Use this backing track to practise the song at least a couple of times before you record. 

Step 3 – Set up your recording device

You may be able to record on your phone or tablet, or on your home computer. Please click the options below for instructions.

Step 4 – Choose the best location

Ideally you want a place that is quiet, where you will not be interrupted. We prefer you do this indoors, as doing it outside might also capture the sounds of other people, traffic, birds and other animals, and wind.

If possible, you want to choose a room that is not too echoey, ideally with furniture, clothes or soft surfaces that will absorb any echo. A good tip is to take a clothes hanger or rack, hang some towels or bed sheets from it, and place it in front of you while you record. Here are some photos of how people set up their home studios to get the cleanest audio.

Step 5 – Choose the best time for recording

Do the recording at a time when you know you won’t be interrupted and you won’t be in a hurry. Also, ideally when noise from outside will be minimal.

Before you start to record, pay attention to any noises in the room or coming from outside. Is there a loud appliance on, is there the noise of traffic or a passing train? Maybe wait a bit until the noise passes and then record.

Step 6 – Get your phone or tablet ready

Make sure your device has enough battery or it is plugged in to a power source. If you are using a phone, you might want to set it to Do Not Disturb or Turn Off Notifications, so that you are not interrupted by a phone call or a message. Remember to deactivate these options once you’ve finished your recording.

It would be best if you do not hold your device in your hand while you sing. Instead, rest it on a stable surface with the microphone pointing to your mouth.

Step 7 – Queue up the backing track

Get ready to play the backing track while you record.

Make sure to practise at least a couple of times just singing along to the backing track so that you know what to expect once you are recording. 

Step 8 – Record your part

You are now ready to record yourself singing Thank You Now.

IMPORTANT TIP – At the beginning of the backing track you will hear 8 clicks. Clap along to them while you are recording.

Depending on the device/s you are using, click on the options below for further instructions.

Step 9 – Rename your audio file

We will be receiving lots of recordings over the next week. We’d be very grateful if you could rename your audio file with your first name and the name of the song. For example:


If you are using the Voice Record Pro app, remember to have a look at the tutorial video to learn how to rename a recording.

Step 10 – Send your recording to Streetwise Opera

If you used Voice Record Pro, we would prefer you send your recording via email as a password protected link. We explain how to do this from 07:58 in this tutorial.

If you are using a home studio or a professional recorder, just forward your audio file to Streetwise Opera at

You will not receive an automatic email notification confirming we have received your recording. But we will monitor emails regularly and write back confirming we have your recording as soon as possible.

Remember, if you have any questions or need additional help, please get in touch with Rey Trombetta at