How to film Thank You Now

This online guide is focused on how to create and submit your video singing Thank You Now. If you have not yet recorded and submitted your audio, please do that first following our audio recording guide.

We recommend you capture and submit the audio and video recordings separately. The deadline to submit your videos is 8:00 pm Monday 23 November.

Recording the video is much easier than recording the audio. You do not need to worry about sound from the backing track leaking into your recording, as we will strip all video files of sound and use only the moving images.

Step 1 – Get ready to film yourself

Get ready to sing in front of the camera. You can do this alone or with other people. You can film on a phone, a tablet or a computer. You can do it indoors or outdoors. You can wear something Christmassy or just your normal clothes or your Streetwise Opera t-shirt. The only rule is to HAVE FUN!

Step 2 – Film yourself singing along to this backing track

Press play on the track. Record on another device and just sing your heart out. You do not need to wear headphones or worry about the sound quality, as all videos submitted will be stripped of sound and we will only use the audio files submitted separately. Once the song is over, stop recording. 

Step 3 – Send the video to us

Once you are happy with the video you recorded, please submit it via the WeTransfer website. Here’s a short tutorial about how to do this:

We are so looking forward to your contributions.

If you need help with the audio or video recordings, you can email Rey at

Good luck, and have fun!