The Big Virtual Quiz results are in… and you are ALL brilliant!

Over 160 quizzers in 94 teams came together with the great Alan Cumming, Dominic Carter and other famous faces, to help raise £2,695 in support of our creative lockdown activities for people affected by homelessness, in Streetwise Opera’s Big Virtual Quiz.

Everyone who took part is a star, but huge congrats to Quiztastic Queers for being the winner of our first-ever online quiz, and well done Ladybird and Harry Quiztophers, our runners-up!

Here’s the full table of results:

1st place  33 points Quiztastic Queers
2nd place 29 points

Harry Quiztophers

3rd place 26 points

Agatha Quiztie (ECJA)
The Quarantinis! (MC)

4th place 25 points

The Brookies
Brixton Babes
The Palm & Rasberry

5th place 24 points

We’ll Be Last
Quizzo’s Truth Hurts

6th place 23 points

The Thompson Twins
Oswald of York
Whitley Baysiders
I Am Shielded Salmon

7th place 22 points

Norfolk and Chance
Some Like It Hot
Streetsmart Dreamteam
The Quarantinis (CM)
Agatha Quiztie (DK)

8th place 21 points

Walpole Quizzers
Engers Einsteins

9th place 20 points

Cauldron Of Lust
Sprout Fan Club
Dagmar Demons
The Belgians
The Clerkenwell Cads
The Not-A-Hopers
Joss’ Giants
That’s Not A Crumble

10th place 19 points

The Spoon Carvers
Richard Searle
Lyno Dynamos
4 Fists
The Moriartys
Four Ever Hopefulls
Fun (at) Home

11th place 18 points

Le Cabaret Katz
Disappointing Dinner

12th place 17 points

The LockDowners
La Trompetistas
Team Parmo
Barnet Boozers
Claire’s Balding
Let’s Get Quizzical

13th place 16 points

It Me, Fraser
Flu Figherts
The Magnificent Seven + 2 And A Dog
Le Tits Now

14th place 15 points

Kevski’s Pad
The Fables

15th place 14 points

The Lone Wolf
Pauline Team
Team Rocket
Quizzy Pop
Forest Dwellers Newcastle
The One And Only
The Air Tulips
Al One

16th place 13 points

One Man Band
The FAs
Theatre Buffs
Smushy FC

17th place 12 points

The Wyons
MC Lawrence’s
Jessie’s Jesters
Social Quiztancing
The Steeles
The Divide
Cam Quizzers

18th place 11 points

Highfield Two
Willow Drive Babes

19th place 10 points The Quizzly Bears
20th place 9 points Brockley Badgers
21st place 8 points Eddobell
22nd place 7 points Got A Takeaway On The Way
23rd place 6 points La Dolce Vita

Our sincerest thanks to:

  • All you fantastic quizzers
  • Our brilliant hosts: Alan Cumming and Dominic Carter
  • The Streetwise Opera performers: Dee, Vela, Adele, Sandy and Jamie
  • Our famous faces: Roderick Williams, Paulus, Steph McGovern and Armando Iannucci
  • The generous companies and individuals donating auction prizes: Beer52, Cornish Scone Company, Holy Water, Japeto, Le Marché des Chefs, Skillshare and Stephen Collins


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