We are shining a light on Unseen art

There is unseen art around all of us, and at Streetwise Opera we are determined to shine a light on it. Whether it’s music by black or female composers who have been ignored by those in power, visual pieces that are hidden under multiple layers of significance, or other creative work that has yet to be discovered, we want to recognise and celebrate it.

Unseen is a project that challenges us all to look deeper around us in order to find all the great art we might be missing. As a starting point, this includes music from composers like Undine Smith Moore (pictured above), Ignatius Sancho and Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges. But we expect this journey to take us beyond music and into any area where individuals or groups use creativity to express themselves.

During November and December 2020, participants in Streetwise Opera’s online sessions will create new music and a visual arts piece working with a team of artists from different disciplines: soprano Abigail Kelly, dramaturg Elayce Ismail, guitarist Jack Ross, composer John Barber, vocal leader Jonathan Ainscough, video and projection designer Nina Dunn and designer Rhiannon Newman Brown.

Soprano Abigail Kelly said:

“Seeing yourself portrayed in someone else’s art makes you feel seen. It makes you feel valid throughout history. And it gives you a real sense of empowerment. That’s why discovering unseen things and unseen people is so important.”

Designer Rhiannon Newman Brown said:

“Unseen is a chance to explore the theme from different angles… text, music, composition, repertoire, art and design, and to be connected to many others across the country at a time when we are all very isolated.”

Unseen sessions will be delivered online on Zoom and live-streamed via the We Are Streetwise Opera group on Facebook and the Streetwise Opera channel on YouTube.

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