Re:sound Composers

Streetwise Opera is embarking on its first national, public-facing programme of work since 2019: Re:sound. We want our return to the stages in the regions in which we work – Manchester, Nottingham and London – to be dynamic, connected, inclusive and accessible.

Re:sound is a year-long festival, starting in April 2022, that will unite Streetwise Opera performers across London, Manchester and Nottingham; a musical exploration of the relationship between cities and the people who are affected by homelessness within them.

The festival will commission 9 new micro-operas – 3 in each city – to create short musical stories told through a fusion of animation, movement and live voices. Each new work will be co-created, composed and animated by a collection of extraordinary artists in collaboration with Streetwise Opera participants.

The micro-operas will be written and premiered in the three cities throughout Summer and Autumn 2022, before all nine micro-operas are united in live performances – resounding together – in London, Manchester and Nottingham in Spring 2023.

The festival seeks to invite audiences, Streetwise Opera participants and artists to be part of a year-long journey of new work creating a dialogue about homelessness and our cities and, in so doing, seeking to challenge perceptions of both homelessness and opera.

Composer brief

Streetwise Opera will be commissioning 9 composers for this project. We are looking for:

  • 3 composers in Nottingham
  • 3 composers in London
  • 3 composers in Manchester

Streetwise Opera is unable to pay for travel expenses to attend workshops, rehearsals or performances. We therefore ask applicants to consider this when selecting the city they are applying to work within.

The selected composers will be working in a range of settings, including our arts partners and our homelessness partners (including hostels, day centres and refuges).

Each project will be delivered over 6 sessions. These 6 sessions will take place in one of two blocks; either April to July or September to December. The sessions within these blocks will be scheduled according to the mutual availability of our partners and the composers.

Creative brief

  • Composers will take the lead in writing the text and music with Streetwise performers. Each micro-opera will be approximately 3 minutes long.
  • The primary stimuli will be the city in which the sessions take place (Nottingham, London or Manchester): what the city means to the individuals we are working with, how they think of themselves within it, what the character of the city is.
  • The composer will work in collaboration with other artists on the project, including the video artist, the choreographer, the costume designer and Artistic Director.
  • Consideration should be made to balance the complexity of phrases, rhythms and range to suit the group so that it is ambitious but within the reach of Streetwise Opera participants.
  • The micro-opera will be presented as a digital audio file, to include participants’ recorded voices, alongside a vocal / piano score.
  • The composer will contribute to the digital Re:sound festival by sharing the process of their work through interviews or blogs.


  • Streetwise Opera want to reimagine and redefine the boundaries of what opera can be to demonstrate that opera can be for anyone and everyone. We welcome submissions from artists who are excited to join us on this journey.
  • Composers must be 18 years or older.
  • They must be British citizens or residents in the UK for the duration of the project.
  • They will need to be available to travel to workshops and performances.
  • Composers should be able to demonstrate some experience in participatory work, as in some settings they will be the solo creative lead (though supported by a Streetwise Opera member of staff).
  • Additional support and mentorship will be offered to composers with less experience of delivering participatory work.
  • We welcome applications from a diverse background and those that have lived experience of homelessness.


Each composer will receive a project fee of £1,750.00 which breaks down as follows:

Details Total
Composer fee (writing, notating, recording) £1,000.00
6 sessions of delivery (including planning and meetings) £750.00
Total £1,750.00

Streetwise Opera is unable to pay for local travel expenses to attend workshops, rehearsals or performances.


Dates Details
March 2022 Interviews:

  • Monday 21 March in Nottingham
  • Wednesday 23 March in Manchester
  • Friday 25 March in London
April – July 2022 Workshops to create micro-operas with Streetwise Opera participants in each city
September – December 2022 Workshops to create micro-operas with Streetwise Opera participants in each city
March 2023 Performances in each city of all 9 micro-operas

Recruitment process

Applications are now closed.

We will hold interviews (either in person or on Zoom) on the following dates:

  • Monday 21 March in Nottingham
  • Wednesday 23 March in Manchester
  • Friday 25 March in London 

Streetwise Opera seeks applications from all ages and backgrounds, including groups who are underrepresented in the arts and homelessness sectors, especially those who are ethnically diverse and/or disabled. To find out more, read our Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy.

We particularly welcome applications from people who have been affected by homelessness. Those who can demonstrate that they meet the eligibility requirements, and have lived experience of homelessness, will be guaranteed an interview. Please ensure that you communicate this clearly in your application.


Fee: £1,750.00
Including: Composer fee (writing, notating, recording) and 6 sessions of delivery (including planning and meetings)