We have seven core values which underpin the way we work:

  • Ambition – we aim high together, are artistically ambitious for the work we produce, and seek to challenge.
  • Creativity – is a human right and we value everyone’s creativity regardless of their background or official role. We are imaginative and look for fresh approaches and ideas.
  • Collaboration – our work depends on collaboration with a wide range of organisations and we are a strong and supportive community who enjoy working with each other.
  • Generosity – We are welcoming in our approach and generous with our time and resources. We are non-judgemental and look out for each other.
  • Always learning – We’re always challenging ourselves and finding ways to work better. We learn from each other and believe in reflecting on our practice.
  • Fun – enjoyment and fun are at the heart of what we do, and playfulness is key to our artistic endeavours.
  • Staying true – We keep these values at the centre of our work. We prioritise wellbeing and artistic excellence, reflecting this in all of our activities. We aim to offer consistent quality in spaces where people feel safe.