Why Alix is swimming, cycling and running for Streetwise Opera

We spoke to Alix de Mauny, who joined our Board as a Trustee last November, as she prepares to swim 750m, cycle 19.8km and run 5.4km in support of Streetwise Opera on the 1st of June. She will be taking on the Blenheim Palace triathlon the same day our Head of Development is swimming 4.5km in Wales.

Why did you want to take part in this particular challenge event?
I did my first triathlon a couple of years ago and to my complete surprise (I am not known for my athleticism) I got hooked! Blenheim is a beautiful setting, and I figure that if I am going to put myself through my paces I might as well enjoy the scenery.

Why are you doing this in support of Streetwise Opera?
I’ve known about Streetwise Opera for over ten years now. I think your work is so important because it recognises that homelessness isn’t purely a physical problem, and that finding housing for people is only a part of the solution. Streetwise addresses the other elements – the mental and emotional issues that can make people more vulnerable to losing their homes, or can make it harder for them to keep them over the long term. There is something incredibly powerful about working with others on a creative project and discovering your own abilities through taking part in performances – it’s life-affirming, joyful, gives you a sense of purpose, hope, something to look forward to and to build on. It’s no surprise to me that Streetwise can have such a profoundly positive effect on those taking part, and that in some cases, it has absolutely been the key ingredient in helping people to turn their lives around.

What are you looking forward to the most?
The finish line!

What are you dreading the most?
The start line… and the first part, the swim – it’s carnage out there when you set off! A friend wisely advised me to start the swim at the very back so I don’t get swum over – it served me well in my first triathlon and I firmly intend to stick to it for this one.

What’s your training regime?
Well, on paper it’s six days a week, alternating between running, swimming and cycling. In real life it’s a little less frequent than that…

What will you eat for breakfast on the day of your challenge? 
Toast and marmite and lots of bananas. And a very strong coffee.

All the best of luck to Alix – we’ll be rooting for you! You can sponsor Alix on www.virginmoneygiving.com/alixdemauny, and all proceeds will support our year-round programme of inspiring activities.

“I enjoy coming, it boosts my week, it makes me feel really good about myself, and it takes away from all the other stuff that’s happening around you. It’s good to take a little bit of time out, to be able to come here, enjoy yourself, relax, chill out, and meet like-hearted people.” – Streetwise Opera performer

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